Why Coffee makes a better Valentine.

So you're single for another Valentine's day. It happens, relax because coffee is all you need. Here are a few solid reasons Coffee makes a better Valentine.

You wake up and coffee is the first thing you want to see.

Coffee doesn't judge, coffee understands you.

Coffee never leaves the toilet seat up.

You feel empty inside until your first cup of coffee.

 Coffee can always be hot.

Coffee doesn't ask silly questions about why your High school ex just liked your picture on Facebook.

You know that last of something in the fridge that you were saving for later? Coffee doesn't eat that.

Coffee brightens your day and warms your night.

 So while people around you have a fleeting moment with a significant other on a highly commercialized holiday,  just remember you will always have coffee. Coffee Loves you as much as you love coffee.


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • This is hilarious! I love this!


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