The Naked Coffee Drinker who was Arrested in his own home with his beans all out!

Eric Williamson of Springfield, Virginia can't even enjoy his home brew nude! A few years ago, Williamson was arrested after his neighbor, Yvette Dean(aka Karen), was taking a morning walk with her child and spotted a man making his morning cup of coffee au natural. Did we mention the naked brewer was in his own home?!

Williamson described himself of being oblivious to the outside world, and told a reporter the morning was like any other: he made a pot of coffee, went upstairs and filled his cup – he just happened to be nude. The next thing he knew he was being arrested by police in his bedroom.

Details later emerged that Williamson had several roommates and was alone for the first time in months. Two other women testified that they saw Williamson nude that morning. The first was a librarian who saw the nude dude and considered it rude. She complained to the police, but they came by and saw nothing.

A little while later, Dean called 911 after seeing Williamson in all of his glory. She testified that she made eye contact with him and he gave her the finger. Williamson refuted her version of the story and was later acquitted. 

What do you think? Should you be able to drink coffee in the buff in your own house or no?? What about your backyard? Let us know your thoughts! 


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Totally! Either enjoy it, or look away but stop being a Karen!


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