The Florida couple who are addicted to coffee enemas or Coffee in the Bumshine state!

Meet the couple from Tampa, Florida who are addicted to coffee, but the way they ingest it is a little on the non-conventional side.

Mike and Trina coffee enema lovers

Mike and Trina (their last names have been withheld) are addicted to coffee enemas. This unique duo recently were profiled on the TLC show My Strange Addiction, and claim to have been giving themselves these caffeinated enemas for several years. (They say they average a whopping 100 a month!)

After having stomach ailments, Trina did a little research and stumbled upon coffee enemas. She gave this alternative treatment a try and felt better for the first time in many years. After witnessing her results, Mike soon picked up the habit.

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Coffee enemas can be time consuming, however. The process of delivering a 32-ounce bucket filled with coffee to their lower intestines via a Vaseline-coated hose can take up to several hours a day.

The couple have become pros at giving themselves the enemas, however. “I make a quick transition from the floor to the toilet seat,” said Mike. “it comes flying out like a torrent.”

While Mike enjoys an espresso grind “on the cold side,” Trina is more partial to the “saturated blend” that is “warmer and thicker.”

And I thought a pour over was a pain in the ass! 


  • My only question is where are they at now are they alive or dead did Social Services come and take their kids just wondering

  • very selfish the time it takes away from your kids. Very sad and selfish. Think of them a little more than yourself. Pathetic.

    linda walsh
  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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