Kermit the Frog pitched coffee in commercials or Frog makes a Big leap from Coffee

Many people don't realize that Jim Henson's lovable Muppets predate Sesame Street. In fact, Kermit the Frog started out as a green, vaguely froggish-type puppet in the 1950s that starred in a five-minute TV series called Sam and Friends. He was also in commercials for Wilkins Instant Coffee.

kermit the coffee frog unlawful threads

Proto-Kermit (a.k.a. Wilkins) was one violent Muppet. In one of the coffee commercials, Wilkins shoots his poor friend from a cannon, turns to the camera asks the viewers if they like Wilkins coffee, implicating that you better or else. In other commercials, Wilkins stabs, smashes, hammers and shoots “the bad guys” into liking the coffee.

Wilkins coffee kermit unlawful threads

It's not easy being green.

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