Elephant Dung Coffee is a thing now? or like coffee through an elephant

A few years back, the popular movie “The Bucket List” let the pop culture world in on a little known weird fact about coffee: that kopi luwak, a highly prized, extremely expensive coffee, was made with beans that had been harvested from the poop of civets. Since then, variations of kopi luwak pop up every few years as a fad coffee.

Last year it was elephant poop coffee. Black Ivory Coffee from Thailand — made from coffee beans that had been eaten and “processed” by elephants — held the title of most expensive coffee in the world. The regular price of the coffee is $1,100 per kilogram, and it sells at some luxury hotels for about $50 US per cup.

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And, unlike kopi luwak, which has become somewhat controversial of late because of the inhumane treatment of many of the civets who produce the coffee, the Black Ivory Coffee Company is produced by rescue elephants living in an elephant refuge, where they are treated very well.

Would you drink Elephant Dung Coffee?? Would you pay $50 a cup?? Does anyone have a doubt that there will be a human version before it's all over? 

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